JBC Energy offers clients a range of consulting and training services. We provide highly specialised management consulting solutions to companies in the areas of supply, trading, risk management, and pricing. We also offer clients a range of tailored-research services including single-client studies, research on demand, white papers, feasibility studies, and market outlooks. Our training programs are designed to help our clients to organically meet their HR objectives by providing them with the tools to develop their staff skill levels from the time they enter the company as fresh graduates until the time they reach the board room. Our team of consultants are a mix of energy industry veterans and professional consultants allowing us to bring real-world experience plus business, process, and technical innovation to our clients.

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Trading & Risk Management

Since 1994, JBC Energy has been helping the world’s leading oil and gas companies to streamline, improve and integrate their supply, trading and risk management activities. In this time we have worked with more than a hundred clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and have developed expert understanding of the international trading industry and its practices. Our client profiles range from small to mid-size independents to some of the leading names in the industry.

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For over 25 years JBC has been training participants from the world’s leading oil and gas companies in oil market fundamentals, pricing, trading, and risk management. In this period thousands of attendees have come through our door and many have gone on to become key decision makers in the industry. We offer our clients the option of participating in one of three public courses or having a tailored in-house solution. Tailored courses are delivered at a client’s premises and are customised to meet their specific learning goals, while our public courses are held regularly in major cities throughout the world.


Events & trainings

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Research on Demand

Our Research on Demand service opens up our vast knowledge pool to you in order to answer specific queries and questions on energy market issues and is an efficient and budget-friendly way to tap into our market intelligence. 

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Pricing Mechanisms

JBC works closely with clients to develop an in-depth understanding of sophisticated pricing mechanisms used in contracts for the purchase and the sale of crude oil, refined products and natural gas. Our consultants have shaped formula-related pricing mechanisms for refined products in the countries of the Southern African Customs Union, LNG in the Middle East and energy prices in Europe and South America. JBC is currently supporting several large crude oil producers across the globe in the formulation of official selling prices.


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