Risk Management

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Audits & Benchmarking

Risk management is a perpetual work-in-progress that requires diligent oversight, review and updating. Technological innovation and dynamic markets are constantly changing the energy landscape, prompting companies to adapt and evolve. For two decades JBC has advised the world’s leading oil and gas companies on how to optimise their supply and risk management enterprises. We have done this by rigorously auditing existing policies, operations, procedures, strategies and processes and then benchmarking our findings against international standards and best practices. These reviews often highlight deficiencies or gaps within a company’s current portfolio that may impact its overall efficiency and profitability.


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Risk Management Advisory

Energy and commodity markets are fraught with risks. The only common denominator of these risks are their elusiveness and unpredictability. Understanding potential exposures and devising ways of minimising risks present formidable challenges to modern trading organisations. JBC offers integrated risk management solutions for global oil and gas markets. Our consultants understand the complex nature of the energy industry and are specialists in market exposures, arbitrage, inventory management, counterparty risk, pricing and energy security. It is our belief that there is no “one size fits all” risk management solution. Instead a company must employ disciplined analysis, evaluation and introspection. A company needs to understand the unique environment it operates in, what risks it faces and how it can best manage these. JBC consultants have hands-on experience in hedging upstream, downstream and customer risk. JBC can also support clients in developing or selecting energy trading and risk management software solutions that meet their specific corporate needs, risk profiles and budgets.


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Strategic Advice

Making the right commercial decisions requires accurate unbiased market assessments and outlooks. JBC offers its clients independent strategy and advisory services. These services are delivered to clients in a suite of briefings, workshops and management reports. Utilising our extensive database of supply, demand and price forecasts together with over 25 years of experience, JBC offers clients an objective view of crude oil, refined product and natural gas markets and their expected development over the short, medium and long term.


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Asset Integration & Optimisation

Our consultants provide oil and gas companies with assessments on the integration and optimisation potential of business units and assets into their broader corporate organisation. Our expertise includes internal restructuring, asset optimisation and the allocation of responsibilities between business units in planning, refining, distribution and trading.


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Process Design & Documentation

With the onset of greater regulatory oversight of the energy and commodity trading industry, the need for the clear documentation of rules, regulations, events and processes has become an increasingly important compliance measure. Working in close coordination with its clients, JBC provides fully integrated documentation services that begin at the design phase. Our consultants are always working to incorporate best standards and practices into our clients trading and risk management processes and manuals.


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Expert Witness

JBC has a proven track record in providing clients with expert independent witness testimony and support in trade dispute litigations and arbitrations. We offer clients an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the industry, combined with superior analytical ability.


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