19 Mar 2021 Featured in: Energy Market Report - Issue 15-Mar-2021

Research Highlights - Week 11

Key COVID-19 indicators highlight major regional discrepancies in terms of new infections and vaccination rates (see Energy Market Report – Issue 15-Mar-21).

  • Vaccination progress has been the strongest in the US and to a minor extent in Europe. 50% of the US adult population should have received their first vaccination dose by the end of May at current rates. Europe, however, is still facing headwinds with the AstraZeneca vaccine, due to isolated fatalities and reported instances of blood clotting.

  • Asia, by contrast, has been a lot more successful in keeping the spread of the virus in check, with new cases now trending lower on a per capita basis, especially vs other regions.

  • Brazil is grappling with the now dominant P.1 variant, which appears to be more contagious and able to resist antibodies generated against former variants of the virus, leading to concerns surrounding effectiveness of current vaccines.