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Energy Future

Energy Future Weekly

The Energy Future Weekly report assesses the latest developments in the energy transition and the impact these will have on future energy markets and the wider energy industry. The report covers a wide range of alternative fuel markets – including EVs, renewables, biofuels, and hydrogen – all in a concise easily digestible one-page format.

Latest issues

Issue 18 - 3 Dec'21

The outcome of COP26 underpins the notion that natural gas and renewables remain the combination of choice to combat climate change, but offers little in terms of immediate deliverables.

Issue 17 - 26 Nov'21

High Carbon Prices Are The New Reality

Issue 16 - 19 Nov'21

Blue Hydrogen - Good Temporary Solution but with Caveats

Issue 15 - 12 Nov'21

Carbon offset schemes still have a long way to go before reaching credibility.