JBC Energy provides both short and mid to long-term price forecasts for crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, and LNG in two reports that bring together a vast amount of data and our expert understanding. Our Price Forecasting service allows subscribers to build nuanced price forecasts into their forward-looking analysis.

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Mid term outlook
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Mid-Term Outlook

Empower your organisation with the most comprehensive, authoritative take on how oil markets will develop over the next 15 years with our Mid-Term Outlook report. The report also comes with access to our comprehensive proprietary forecast data.

  • A quarterly, easy to digest presentation-style format, featuring regular coverage of the top, middle and bottom-of-the-barrel.
  • Newly introduced Energy Transition section charting new technologies and how they are set to impact traditional fossil fuel markets.
  • Includes price forecasts for crude oil, petroleum product, natural gas, and LNG as well our outlook on refinery capacity (including secondary units), along with supply, demand and balances for crude and each core petroleum product.
Latest issues

Issue 4 - 18 Nov'20

The second COVID-19 wave points at a slower recovery in demand and supply, while the medium-to-long-term outlook remains stable.

Issue 3 - 14 Aug'20

With the pressured demand environment expected to linger longer than initially expected we are likely to see an earlier and potentially accelerated refinery consolidation.

Issue 2 - 27 May'20

The repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis will ripple through the years 2020 to 2023, with oil demand expected to peak in 2028, 1 million b/d below levels previously expected.

Issue 1 - 19 Feb'20

OPEC crude supply growth will resume at the beginning of this decade on the back of plateauing shale production, but output will not fully return.

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Energy view
Prices, prices, prices!

The View

The View report provides subscribers with our latest outlook on crude oil and petroleum product prices for the year ahead including all the key drivers of our analysis.

  • Monthly price forecasts for five benchmark crude oils, and eight core petroleum products by region (includes Asia, the US, North West Europe, and the Mediterranean).
  • Concise, forward-looking analysis of the market trends driving price changes, both on an outright basis, and in terms of differentials between grades and products.
Latest issues

Issue 2 - 12 Feb'21

Market falters on its way to recovery

Issue 1 - 15 Jan'21

OPEC+ and Covid continue to dominate markets.

Issue 13 - 11 Dec'20

OPEC+, US supply, Chinese buying... the big players continue to determine price outlooks

Issue 12 - 13 Nov'20

OPEC+ and Coronavirus are set to continue butting heads to determine outright prices in the months ahead